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Khunying Alma Link

The 1st Foreign Lady to have received the Title Khunying for Her Charity Work

Born in 1898 in South Russia to British parents, Alma Link, in 1975, became the first foreign woman to receive the title of ‘Khunying’ for her charity work in Thailand.

Khunying Alma was educated in Russia, England, and Germany. She became a nurse after graduation and received her professtional training at the Liverpool Royal Infirmary, St. Thomas Training School in London, England, in 1928.

Khunying Alma arrived in Thailand in 1934 and worked at the Bangkok Nursing Home as a nurse for four years. She was later posted to Baghdad and Mosul for one year before returning to Bangkok in 1939 to marry Herbert Link.

Khunying Alma dedicated her time and energy to charity work in Thailand throughout her life. She served on the Board of the YWCA from its establishment in 1974 and was Chairman of the Volunteer Group for the Crippled Foundation beginning in 1960. She became one of the founders of the Siriwattana Cheshire Foundation in 1964, holding the post of president in 1965, working tirelessly for it till 1989. Khunying Alma also devoted time  to raising funds for the Thai Red Cross and The Princess Mother’s Charities Fund of Thailand.

Khunying Alma passed away in March, 1989, at the age of 91. To honor her memory and in recognition of her contributions to Thai Society, the Alma Link Building was erected on Chidlom Road on the site of the former home of Herbert and Khunying Alma Link. This prominent building is where the Foundation’s office is currently located.

 Herbert Link

Passionately supportive of all Royal Projects that the Link Family had helped initiate. 

Herbert Link was responsible for reopening of B.Grimm & Co. In Thailand in 1949 after the company had to close down during  II World War. Under his management B.Grimm grew in size, and in 1967, the company moved its office to a new location on New Petchburi Road. The Princess Mother presided over the opening ceremony of the new office.

Herbert Link met the then Alma Sturm in Bangkok and the two were married in 1939. Mr. Link was keen to support Khunying Alma in all of her charity work. The two became close to the Princess Mother as they traveled with her to visit border patrol police communities in remote provinces. Through the initiation of the Princess Mother, Herbert and Khunying Alma Link funded the construction of two border patrol police schools: the A.H. Link School in Petchburi and the B.Grimm School in Sa Keaw. 

After the passing away of Khunying Alma Link in 1989, Herbert Link remained active in supporting all the charities and foundations that Khunying Alma was personally involved in. He offered space in the Alma Link Building to become the new office of The Princess Mother’s Charities Fund of Thailand.

Herbert Link passed away in January 1993.

Dr.Harald Link

3rd Generation of the Link Family,  working to ensure the Legacy of HRH the Princess Mother is upheld.

Born in January 1955, Dr. Harald Link was educated in Germany and Switzerland before moving to Thailand in 1978 to work at B.Grimm with his uncle, Herbert Link.

Dr. Harald Link became the CEO of B.Grimm in 1987, and under his leadership and vision, the B.Grimm group expanded rapidly to include businesses in energy & power generationmanufacturinginfrastructuretransportationreal estatehealthcaredigital technologies, to name a few.

By “Doing Business with Compassion”, Dr. Link’s true motto, the company focuses on the balance between building trusts amongst business partners and contributing and giving back to the country and its society. Presently, B.Grimm continues to support the two border patrol police schools, initiated by HRH the Princess Mother and founded by Mr. Herbert and Khunying Alma Link: A.H. Link School and B.Grimm School.

Dr. Harald Link became a Board Member of The Princess Mother’s Charities Fund of Thailand since 1992 and is currently the Chairman of the Foundation.


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