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Our Story from 1979 until Today


The annual charity run-- “Run for Nurses” was organized for the first time to help raise funds for nursing scholarships.

The foundation provided funding to 8 rural school projects consisting of - Baan Lat Rua Border Patrol Police School, Chao Pho Luang Uppatham 4 Border Patrol Police school, Chao Pho Luang Uppatham 2 Border Patrol Police School, Matthayomnayao School, Ronglauy 2525 Border Patrol Police School, Airports of Thailand Border Patrol Police School, Mongkhua Border Patrol Police School, and Banlortor Border Patrol Police School.


Relaunch of the 3rd “Nurse Camp” and the Scholarship Ceremony at the Ministry of Health.


Mourning period for HM King Rama 9 and Nurse Camp was not organized but Scholarships were still being sent to the students across the country.


Through Khunying Dhipavadee’s intiative, a B.Grimm sponsored 3-days 'Nurse Camp' was launched for Year 3 nursing students who were receiving scholarships from the Foundation. The success of this first 'Nurse Camp' led to the camp being sponsored annually.


Omega sponsored 'Omega Constellation Rising Star' special limited watch series auction and gala dinner where proceeds went to provide more scholarships for the nursing students.

Thanpuying Sumalee Chatikavanij became Honorary Chairperson and Dr. Harald Link took over the Chairman of the Board role. His mission was to increase the numbers of scholarships given to the students each year. By the year 2021, he was hopeful to have increase the funds to be received by 1000 students per year.


Major donations came from two Polo Matches, the Mercedes Benz & B.Grimm Invitational at the Thai Polo Club and the Hua Hin Beach Polo tournament, which helped to fund the construction of a new basketball field for the Betty Dumaine Chongmak 2 School in Ubon Ratchathani Province, benefitting 800 students.


Thanpuying Lersak Sombatsiri, former Minister of Transportation, became a board member of the foundation.


Thanpuying Sumalee Chatikavanij became Chairwoman of the Foundation after the passing away of Mom Kobkaew Abhakorn.

The Foundation aided the renovation of four Border Patrol Police Schools.


Provided education fund to two of the Border Patrol Police Schools students – Sri Sangwan Wittaya School in Mae Hong Son province and Sangwan Wittaya 4 School in Yala Province.


The foundation received recognition from HRH Princess Soamsawali for the continued support to the emergency shelters program for the Association of Women’s Rights Promotion of Thailand.


The foundation received acknowledgement and appreciation award for its continued support to the Rajaprachanukror Foundation.


In celebration of The Princess Mother’s 100th birthday anniversary, Foundation’s Board Member Mr Somkual Harikul, Director of Civil Boy Scouts of Thailand visited three Border Patrol Police Schools Srisomwongse School Chiang Rai, Betty Dumaine School Payao and Mae Tang Early Childhood Education Center Chiang Mai to follow up on the renovations.

HRH Princess Soamsawali kindly presided for the Scholarship Fund ceremony at the Siam Intercontinental Hotel Bangkok.

The foundation granted BHT 300,000 fund for purchasing computers for Srisangwan Wittaya School – Mae Hong Son.


Thanpuying Sumalee and other board members traveled to  inspect the renovation work done at the Border Patrol Police Schools – Sangwan Wittaya 8 School Chiang Rai, Srisomwongse School Chiang Rai, Betty Dumaine School Payao and Mae Tang Early Childhood Education Center Chiang Mai.

HRH Princess Sirindhorn visited  the Border Patrol Police Schools – Sangwan Wittaya 8 School Chiang Rai to inspect the renovations.

The foundation received appreciation plaque from the Rajaprachanukruo Foundation for the support and funds given.

The foundation began to support the Betty Dumaine School’s “Food Fund for Distant Schools Program”, to help provide healthy breakfast and dinner for the students, while funding from the Ministry of Education would provide them lunch. This project is still on going.


Foundation granted funds to renovate 4 Border Patrol Police Schools – Sri Sangwan Wittaya 8 School Chiang Rai, Srisomwongse School Chiang Rai, Betty Dumaine School Payao and Mae Tang Early Childhood Education Center Chiang Mai.


Khun Wilaiporn Onnwanna became the first student to have received a full scholarship from the Foundation to study for her Masters Degree in Nursing at Simmons College – Boston, USA.


HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana, her daughter became Honorary President.


The passing away of HRH Somdet Phra Srinakarindra Boromarajajonani on July 18, 1995.


Mr Herbert Link passed away.


Mr Harald Link became a Board Member and the Foundation’s Secretary.


The launch of the “The Princess Mother’s 90th Birthday Anniversary Fund” to commemorate HRH Somdet Phra Srinakarindra Boromarajajonani’s 90th birthday.

The Foundation’s Office moved to Alma Link Building.


After the passing away of Khunying Alma Link, Mr Herbert Link took over the Board position.


Passing away of Thanpuying Betty Dumaine in the US.

The Foundation Office moved to an Office in the Siam Commercial Bangkok Office Building in Soi Chaiyos.


Mom Kobkaew was approached to become the first foundation President, Khun Kwankaew Watcharothai, Khun Sanvorn Krairiksh, Khunying Alma Link, Mr. William E. Heinecke became board members and Mrs. Helen M Papazian was the treasurer.


Thanpuying Betty Dumaine wished to form a foundation to support the sustainability of HRH the Princess Mother’s royal projects. A committee was formed to include Dr. Thanat Koman,  Khun Kwankaew Watcharothai, Khun Sangvorn Krairiksh and Khunying Kanitha Vichiencharoen, who helped draft the registration documents, vision and mission statements of the foundation.

The Foundation’s logo was designed by putting HRH the Princess Mother’s initial letter in the center and surrounded with a line of lotus flowers, with the foundation’s name in Thai and in English written below.

October 14, 1980, The Foundation was officially registered with the Ministry of Interior.

The first office was set up at the Office of the Crown Property Bureau, at 195 Phyathai Road.


Dr. Thanat Khoman was Chairman in charge of preparing HRH Somdet Phra Srinakarindra Boromarajajonani’s 80th birthday celebration. He had the chance to meet and worked closely with Thanpuying Betty Dumaine.

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