Nursing camp

3 Days Teambuilding Camp –
Nursing students from all over the country come together 

Follow The Princess Mother's Path

Background to the Nursing Camp

The idea for this camp came about from one of the Foundation’s board members, Khunying Dhipavadee Meksawan, who proposed a 3-day workshop/team-building, where third year nursing students receiving an award from “The Princess Mother’s 90th Birthday Anniversary Fund” that year, come together from schools throughout the country to meet with and get to know one another, and most importantly, to learn the values and principles of the Princess Mother, who was also a nurse, and who contributed greatly to the country in so many ways. 

As new generations of nursing students come on board it becomes more important to remember the Princess Mother and what she stood for: giving, dedication, and self-sacrifice for the good of mankind and helping the less privileged. These are important values that will create nurses who will help to ensure a compassionate Thai society. 

The Nursing Camp, under the name  ‘Tarm Roy Somdet Ya – which literally means ‘Follow The Princess Mother’s Path’, has been organized and supported by B.Grimm Co. since 2014.

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