We support Dreams and Hopes of  Thai Nursing Students

Background of the Nursing Scholarships

In 1990, on the occasion of the 90th birthday anniversary of the Princess Mother, it was proposed that the Foundation offer support to young nursing students in honor of the Princess Mother as she herself was once a nursing student.

At the time of the proposal, the Ministry of Health provided students attending nursing colleges under its management of Bht. 13,200 annually and an additional Bht. 1,000 for essential supplies. The Foundation found that the Bht. 1,000 allowance was inadequate; to ensure that students had sufficient funds throughout the year, “The Princess Mother’s 90th Birthday Anniversary Fund” was established to provide an additional Bht. 5,000 allowance.

The scholarships had been increased to Bht. 8,000 per student per year and are granted to nursing students from 30 universities under the Prince Mahidol Medical Institute and other government supported nursing schools throughout the country. With the continuous support from donors, by October 2019, the funds will be provided to an increasing number of students and the scholarships will be increased to Bht. 10,000 per student per year.  

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