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Without the Princess Mother’s personal interest in improving the lives of the border patrol police families and instilling ‘Thainess’ and a sense of belonging amongst those living in remote villages, 300 border patrol police schools around the country would not have been built.

As main supporters of the Princess Mother’s initiatives, Thanpuying Betty Dumaine and Herbert and  Khunying Alma Link traveled frequently with the Princess Mother to visit  remote border areas, some with no proper road accessibility, and personally funded the construction of 3 schools.

Today the Foundation continues to provide funding for these schools annually and works closely with  border patrol police units to help fund other school projects as needed.

Betty Dumaine School

When the Princess Mother, along with Thanpuying Betty Dumaine, visited the hill tribe village, they saw lots of village children playing, but there was no school to be seen.

Thanpuying Betty Dumaine donated Bht. 51,650 for construction of a school in June, 1966, a one-storey building was constructed, with the school to be managed by the border patrol police. In 1967, the Princess Mother presided over the opening ceremony of the school, where at the time there were 71 students. Pol.L/C Moon Khongmali was the first school principal.

In 1968, the school was burnt to the ground by rebels. The Princess Mother donated funds to rebuild the school in 1984. Construction was completed and the school was reopened by HRH Princess Galayani in January 1986. Currently, the school has 180 students and 15 staff members.

Border Patrol Police No.322, Tambol Ban Tom, Amphur Muang, Phyao Province

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Sangwanwit 8 School

The school began as a hill tribe village school in 1988, operated by volunteers from the village, teaching 27 village children.

In 1989, the school was taken in by the Princess Mother’s Doi Tung Project and was managed by the border patrol police. In February 1990, the Principal Private Secretary to the Princess Mother visited the school and noted that it was in dire condition and too small for the number of children attending classes.

The Princess Mother’s Charities Fund of Thailand in May of 1990 donated Bht. 2.6 million for the construction of 3 school buildings. In 1992 the Princess Mother presided over the opening ceremony of the school. Currently the school has 150 students.

Baan Chalor, Moo 10, Tambol Mae Fah Luang, Amphur Mae Fah Luang, Chiang Rai (70 km from Bangkok city center)

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Sangwanwit 4 School

The school was built in March, 1967, with funds donated by the Princess Mother. In May,1967, the Princess Mother presided over the opening of the school, which at the time consisted of a single-storey  building for 52 students. 

In 1980, a dam constructed by EGAT caused water to flood  the whole school area, forcing the school to close down. The school reopened in 1983 after EGAT donated a million Baht for its reconstruction. 

The school has since expanded and has received regular royal visits and support from HRH Princess Sirindhorn. Currently, there are 180 students and 15 staff members at the school.

Baan Wang Sai Moo 2, Tambol Maewad, Amphur Tharuto, Yala Province

Baan Lat Rua Border Patrol Police School

A temporary school building was constructed on a 6 rai land donated by the village headman in October 22, 1973, as the villagers found it too difficult to commute to the municipality school due to distance and lack of transportation.

In 1976 the school closed down temporary for 5 years due to communist insurgency in the area. The Border Patrol Police received a donation of Bht 20,000 from HRH the Princess Mother for the reconstruction of a permanent school building. The school re-opened in 1981 after the surrounding situation had become stable

The school became a permanently supported school of the Border Patrol Police in 1983 due to demands of protection of the villagers against continued communist insurgencies within the area at the time.

Today the school has 36 students and follows the teaching guidelines from the rural distance education program guided by HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.

Location:  Naan Lat Rua, Moo 3, Tambol Bo Phak, Amphur Chat Trakan, Phitsanulok

Special Meal Program for Boarding Students

HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn has been graciously providing healthy meals for all children attending the border patrol police schools. The Princess had initiated this project throughout Thailand to create self-sustainability within the school premise, by introducing ways for the school community to grow edible plants, fruits and vegetables, as well as to maintain small farms to raise chickens and pigs, not only providing meals for children whose homes were quite far from the school but also instilling in the children knowledge about agriculture and nutrition that would stay with them for future benefit

The Princess Mother’s Charities Fund of Thailand supports funding for meals for students boarding at the school because their homes are too far away for them to commute. 

Baan Wang Sai Moo 2, Tambol Maewad, Amphur Tharuto, Yala Province

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