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Meet the Social Organizations that We Support

Foundation for the Handicapped and Disabled

The Foundation was registered 1955 under Royal Patronage of the Princess Mother, The Foundation currently operates a handicapped support center and Srisangwan School, an institution for handicapped children, in Pakkret, Nonthburi Province. 

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Foundation for Border Patrol Police Families

The Thai Border Patrol Police was formed in 1951 through the initiation of the U.S.A. Central Intelligence Agency. Part of the Royal Thai Police, the border patrol police are responsible for protecting the Thai borders with Laos, Burma, Cambodia, and Malaysia and providing support to communities living along these border areas. 

In 1964, during a visit to Chiangmai, the Princess Mother had the opportunity to visit sites where border patrol police units were stationed. She witnessed communities without proper facilities, medical supplies, medical assistance, or schooling for children. She invited friends and supporters, such as Thanpuying Betty Dumaine, Herbert and Khunying Alma Link, to travel with her to visit these border patrol police unit communities and to help build schools for the children living there. 

In 1967, the Princess Mother donated Bht. 1,200,000 of her personal funds and funds from generous donors to form the Support Foundation for Border Patrol Police Families. The aim of the Foundation is to support the well-being and welfare of the border patrol police and their families as they work  to protect the Thai borders.

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Leprosy Foundation of Lampang

The Leprosy House in Lampang province is one of the three Leprosy centers supported by the Princess Mother since 1967. The Leprosy Foundation (New Life Foundation), established earlier in Chiangmai, invited the Princess Mother to preside over various events. She spent a great deal of time and effort working to create awareness of the support needed for the under-privileged. She continued to contribute her funds to the Foundation until her passing. Currently, the Leprosy House in Lampang has 140+ families living under Foundation support. They earn extra income from the sale of agricultural products grown on donated land and from work in other vocations 

The New Life Foundation

The Foundation was established in 1955 by Robert Emwolf, an American volunteer, who worked with those suffering from leprosy. He provided assistance to those having recovered from the disease a well as those still suffering, advising them how to live normal and useful lives, and set up a village to provide them with ongoing and continued support. He requested funds from the United States Overseas Mission (USOM) to create a foundation, which built its first rehabilitation center for the colony in Chiangmai, followed by two more centers, one in Chiangmai and the other in Lampang. The Foundation continues to undertake activities providing support to the families, and the current number of leprosy cases has declined as a result of better treatment and health care.

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The Rajaprajanugroh Foundation

In 1962 an unexpected tropical depression hit the southern part of Thailand. The storm was so powerful that it caused serious damage in 12 southern provinces, and wiped out all  electricity and communication lines. The community were desperate for help but roads were flooded and transportation means were limited.

After the storm passed, HM King Rama IX took the problem into his own hands and used the government broadcasting system to appeal for donations. Within a month, Bht. 11 million in cash was donated along with Bht. 5 million worth of much needed supplies. His Majesty gathered help from every sector to bring the supplies to the affected provinces, rebuilt homes lost and 12 schools in 6 provinces that were completely destroyed.

This tragedy led to the establishment of a foundation to raise funds and provide support and assistance in future natural disasters, to help support the education of children orphaned by these calamities, and to help support 68 schools countrywide built under the Foundation’s project.

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Siriwattana Cheshire Foundation

The Foundation operates  under the same principles as the Leonard Cheshire International Foundation, founded in the United Kingdom in 1948. Its primary goal is to provide safe haven for the handicapped.

In Thailand there are 5 homes, 2 of which were built by  Herbert and Khunying Alma Link through donated funds. The home in Rangsit, called Baan Thongpoon, was built in 1970;  its first building was named the ‘Herbert-Khunying Alma Link Building’. The second building was named” 90th Year – The Princess Mother Building” to commemorate the anniversary of the Princess Mother’s 90th birthday.

Herbert and Khunying Alma Link also helped to raise funds to build a second home for handicapped in Cha-am, Petchaburi Province.  Currently, the Foundation office is located in the Alma Link Building on Chidlom Road,Bangkok

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The Association for the Promotion of the Status of Women

This Foundation was established in 1974 and has provided emergency shelter to more than 50,000 women and children from different parts of Thailand experiencing crises a result of family violence, abuse, rape, unwanted pregnancies, or who have contracted HIVAids.  An average of 150 – 200 women and children go through rehabilitation programs at one time, receiving food and support through their pregnancy and recovery in crisis, and vocational training to help prepare them to return to the society. 

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